Master of Business Administration (AMBA Accredited Online MBA)

Developed with the academically-rigorous team at Essex Business School, our world-class MBA is an advanced qualification designed for students with an entrepreneurial spirit who wish to innovate in a disruptive business world. Our students don’t just want to progress their career, they strive to harness the power of business knowledge to transform the world.

2019-2020 academic year offer: Enrol now and receive a scholarship of £6,000 towards this MBA.

The University

About the University

Founded in 1965, the University of Essex is a public university accredited by British Royal Charter, with 3 campuses in Essex, UK.

With more than 13,000 students from 130 countries, Essex graduates develop a genuine world view.


  • Experienced – University of Essex high quality online courses are delivered through the “University of Essex Online” since 2007.
  • High quality – Rated “Gold” in the Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) 2018
  • Top UK University quality and support
    • Courses are available to both UK and international students, which enable you to benefit from a flexible approach to study, while maintaining the quality and support you would expect from a top UK University.
    • The structured online programmes allow you to study for your degree in a unique virtual learning environment and still have access to all the support and facilities you would expect to receive on campus.
  • Study at your own place. Graduate on-campus at UK.
    • No travelling.  You can study at your own pace from anywhere; at work, at home or on the move.  Everything is done online.
    • You will be invited to attend a Graduation Ceremony at the University of Essex campus in Colchester after fulfilled award requirements.

List of Online Programmes on Offer

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Accreditation, Recognition, Ranking

  • University of Essex is a recognized British University.
  • AMBA Accredited
  • Ranked Top 29 out of 131 Universities in UK (Times Good University Guide 2019).
  • Ranked 2nd Most International University in the UK and 18th in the World (Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2017).
  • Ranked 8th for overall satisfaction among all UK universities (NSS2015).
    Source: satisfaction-results-full
  • Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU): Member
  • 90% for overall student satisfaction in the 2018 National Student Survey
  • Notable Alumni: Dr Oscar Arias Sanchez (Nobel Peace Prize, President of Costa Rica), Sir Christopher Pissarides (Nobel Economist Prize)
The Award

About the Award

Awarding Body: University of Essex, UK

  • Graduates will be issued with the same University of Essex degree award certificate.
  • There is no mention of online study on the University of Essex degree certificate.

Graduation ceremony:

You will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony at the University of Essex campus in Colchester after fulfilled award requirements.

(Subject to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions permitting travel and attendance.)

The Program

About the Program

Designed for rebels with a cause, for people who want to challenge “why” and have the courage and energy to shape the world around them, our 100% online MBA will set you up for success in the dynamic environments of the modern business world.

Developed with the world-class team at Essex Business School, this online MBA programme includes unique Director’s Workshops which bring industry leaders and outstanding speakers before our entire MBA student population for a week-long engaging experience. It’s a fantastic opportunity for students to apply their knowledge to a variety of commercial scenarios and explore real-world business challenges from different perspectives.

Experiential learning is at the core of our MBA programme. Our interactive real-time synchronous attendance events deliver a wealth of reflection and learning opportunities for our students as they collaborate in groups of different sizes and composition. These real-time interactions allow students to contribute, share and reflect upon experiences and insights drawn from the different industrial, geographical and cultural perspectives represented in the MBA community.

The programme encompasses a wide range of innovative modules covering a variety of crucial topics including entrepreneurship, managerial economics, business strategy, sustainable operations and many more.

Throughout these thought-provoking and challenging modules, students are given the opportunity to explore the impacts of internationalisation while also gaining the skills to lead in increasingly demanding marketplaces. Our students are equipped with the right skillset and mentality to innovate in a disruptive business world by effectively responding to the global business challenges. The programme also supports and develops the entrepreneurial spirit, allowing each student to build sustainable, resilient business models.

Looking for a campus-based MBA? You can study a face-to-face MBA at the University of Essex‘s Colchester Campus.

Program structure

The MBA is made up of the following modules and, upon completion, is equal to a total of 180 credits at Level 7.

Core modules

  • MBA Project   (50 credits)*
  • Business Planning (10 credits)
  • Director’s Workshop (10 credits)*
  • MBA Synchronous Attendance (0 credits, 120 hours)*
  • Business Research (10 credits)
  • Entrepreneurship (10 credits)
  • Business Strategy (10 credits)
  • Marketing in a Global Economy (10 credits)
  • Sustainable Operations (10 credits)
  • International Business Environment (10 credits)
  • People and Organisations (10 credits)
  • Leadership and Business Performance (10 credits)
  • Strategic Online Marketing Management (10 credits)
  • Accounting and Managerial Finance (10 credits)
  • Managerial Economics (10 credits)

* These modules are core and must be passed in order to achieve the award.


About 24 months, depending on your own study pace, study options chosen and module availability.


– Study duration of 10-credit module: 6 weeks.

– Study duration of the 50-credit module: 24 weeks.

Language Medium:


Delivery Mode:


Learning & Support


Studying online gives you the freedom to study when and where it suits you – at home, during your lunch hour or anywhere else you have internet access.

All of the online courses have an indicative study duration which is a guide to how long your course will take to complete. The actual duration may be longer or shorter depending on your speed of study, study options chosen and module availability. It’s possible to complete your studies faster than the indicative course duration by doubling up on modules at certain times; however, minimum study durations do apply.

All of the courses have regular start dates throughout the year.  The academic year is organised into modules, typically with a one- or two-week break between modules and a structured three-week break for the Christmas period. Students will receive a course timetable during the application process.

Teaching methods and style

Our unique MBA programme includes sychronous attendance and Director’s Workshops where students can learn through reflection, collaborate with your fellow students, tutors and outstanding guest speakers to explore real-world business challenges from different perspectives. The modules you choose to undertake online as part of this programme will utilise a virtual learning environment instead of a traditional campus. The system tracks and manages the learning process in real-time and provides you with immediate access to your learning materials.

This learning platform allows both students and tutors to actively take part in real-time conversations and you can listen to, and view, live lectures and seminars over the internet. All courses are delivered in English only.

You are supported throughout your course by a dedicated Student Adviser and have the opportunity to regularly interact with fellow students and your tutor. To ensure you receive the support you need from your tutor, we cap our class sizes at 20 students.


  • Student Advisers: All students have a personal Student Adviser who is their first contact point, mentor; provide support and guidance.
  • Experienced Module Tutors: The online tutors have vast experience of delivering both traditional campus and online.
    • They will be in regular contact with students throughout the course, via online virtual learning platform which.
    • Question and answer sessions: They will lead the class by delivering seminars, posting lessons and assignments, answering questions.
    • Feedback on coursework: The virtual learning environment will also be used to mark assignments and provide feedback on coursework.
    • Responding to your questions by phone or email: There is also the opportunity to have regular contact with tutor by telephone and e-mail as you progress through your course and to interact with other students on the programme through online forums.
  • Additional Resources: You will have access to a number of resources to complement your studies via virtual learning platform, such as online libraries, which will enable you to access on-line journals, databases and e-books.


Assessment for the online modules of the MBA is based on a combination of exams, synchronous attendance sessions, written coursework, discussion contributions and reflective journal entries considering the key learning outcomes and their applicability to the student.

The examinations are timed open-book exams that students take at home on their PC or laptop without the need to travel to an examination centre.

In order to successfully complete the MBA, students are required to undertake 120 hours of synchronous attendance. Please note that synchronous attendance events don’t require physical attendance as they run 100% online, however students will be able to choose which sessions they participate in, provided they attend at least 120 hours over the course of their study.

Your course tutor will make the requirements and assessments of each module clear to you before you start.

On successful completion of your MBA programme, you will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony at the University of Essex, Colchester Campus.

Career Prospect
Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Academic requirements

  • A 1st, 2:1, or 2:2 undergraduate degree from an approved institution equivalent to a UK Honours degree, or a relevant professional qualification; plus
  • at least 3 years’ managerial experience.
  • If you do not meet the above mentioned minimum academic standards, you will need
    • at least 5 years of relevant managerial experience; plus
    • a 2000 word essay, outlining a range of business situations which you have experienced and identifying what you have learnt from them.

English language proficiency requirement:

  • IELTS 6.5 (minimum component score of 6.0), or equivalent, or
  • pass the University online admission English test.

Your application will be considered on an individual basis taking into account your motivation for doing the course, prior work experience and other relevant qualifications that demonstrate your ability to successfully complete the programme.

Credit Transfer / Exemption

Credit for prior learning and credit for current competencies will be granted to eligible applicants.
Credit will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may be offered for equivalent level studies.

Application Status:

Programme information is correct at time of publish. The University reserves the right to make variations to the programme schedules, contents, information and fees without notice.
It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to
recognise any qualification to which this course may lead.

AMBA Accredited

Essex Online MBA accredited by AMBA

It is so excited that this 100% online and part-time MBA programme has been accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), a leading authoritative body in postgraduate business education.

This highly prestigious accreditation is widely recognised as the global standard for MBA programmes and is currently held by just 2% of the world’s business schools. As one of the only 100% online MBAs accredited by AMBA, this provides recognition of our commitment to both outstanding teaching and excellent student employability and progression.

What is AMBA?

For more than 50 years, the Association of MBAs, or AMBA, have been the leading impartial authority on postgraduate management education. It is the most international accreditation body of its kind – seeking out the best business degrees in more than 75 countries.

Accreditation by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) is bestowed upon educational programmes of the highest international quality, with under 300 institutions worldwide currently holding accreditation. Their assessment criteria ensure only the highest calibre programmes, which demonstrate the best standards in teaching, curriculum and student interaction, achieve accreditation.

What is the benefit for our MBA students?

Let’s start with the career benefits. An MBA already sets you apart as a candidate – possessing an AMBA accredited MBA puts you in the top 2% of candidates with MBAs. This will make you a highly attractive candidate to top employers who seek out those with an MBA on their CV.

As an Essex Online MBA graduate, you will automatically become a member of AMBA. This means you will join their global community of over 35,000 student and alumni members across over 150 countries. You will have unprecedented networking opportunities with fellow MBAs, access to leading employers, career advice and continued learning.

AMBA hopes to build a network of responsible and sustainable management across the world. You will not only be a business leader, but also a thought leader, championing best practices internationally.

The accreditation is also conferred onto students who are currently studying towards or have already completed our online MBA.

What can I expect from the MBA?

This world-class MBA is one of very few online MBAs accredited by AMBA, combines cutting-edge technology with expert teaching. At the heart of our experiential programme are our interactive Director’s Workshops. These bring the entire MBA student population together with industry experts for a week of discussions and collaboration around a specific topic. These real-time synchronous events help you to have a very tangible MBA experience, similar to that of campus-based students, and you will have plenty of opportunity to contribute and share experiences with your peers based around the world.

The online nature of this course means that it’s easy to study wherever you are in the world. You will have access to the learning materials 24/7, and you will be assessed in a variety of ways allowing you to demonstrate your understanding of the course content in multiple different formats.

Throughout the course you will explore a range of essential topics, including business research, entrepreneurship and marketing in a global economy. The culmination of your studies will be an MBA Project where you will explore the business issue of your choice – conducting your own research and drawing conclusions that you can apply directly to your work.



2019-2020 academic year part-scholarship

Students starting in the 2019-2020 academic year may be eligible for a part-scholarship of up to £6,000 towards the tuition fees.

Applying for a scholarship

Scholarship applications are assessed on a merit basis. You will be asked to write a statement of in support of your scholarship application and we will be looking for evidence of:

  • Academic ability
  • Professional experience and career progression
  • Ideas on sustainable and entrepreneurial business
  • Your ability to communicate experience and ideas
  • Your plan to utilise the University of Essex MBA experience after the course

To be considered for a scholarship, please contact us.

MBA vs. MSc in Business

MBA vs. MSc in Business

Thinking head

An MBA and MSc are both ‘Masters’ level qualifications which are granted to students who have demonstrated a high-level of knowledge in their field of study, but despite the name, don’t necessarily involve administration or science.  Although both awards are postgraduate courses, there are differences between them in terms of eligibility, focus and personal development. If you are interested in studying a postgraduate business qualification, understanding these differences will help you chose the most suitable degree.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA is an executive-level business course designed for students with executive or management level experience. MBA degrees are designed to develop leadership skills and offer professionals the opportunity to formally recognise their business expertise. The MBA is currently the most popular professional degree programme in the world!

MBAs are often favoured over other business qualifications as they are recognised globally and as such are a branded programme within the world of academia. An MBA qualification is highly regarded by employers and in a survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 76 per cent of international employers said they plan to hire MBA graduates in 2013.

A prerequisite for studying an MBA is that candidates must have work experience, usually a minimum of three years at a strategic level. This creates a rich learning environment as students come from a range of industries and bring their different experiences into the course. It is important for students to have practical experience as MBA programmes require students to think strategically and use work place evidence within assessments.

An MBA can be studied in a number of different formats. Many students opt to study part-time so they can continue to work. Studying online is a convenient and popular option for busy professionals. Advancements in technology mean the classroom experience can be effectively replicated online and this attracts a global cohort of students. Undertaking an MBA provides fantastic networking opportunities and connections within new industries.

MBA programmes have evolved in order to keep up with the demands of modern business; most courses will focus on international business and global management challenges. Traditional MBAs offer a broad grounding in a variety of business disciplines but there is also a range of specialist MBAs where students can major in an area of interest. For example, the University of Essex Online MBA enables students to specialise in management, marketing, finance or HR, which helps students to stand out in their chosen field.

Master of Science (MSc)

An MSc business qualification, such as the University of Essex Online MSc Business and Management, is designed for candidates who are at the beginning of their career, or for graduates who want a higher level qualification before entering the job market.

An MSc builds on the skills gained at undergraduate level. The modules are less vocational than the MBA and students are not required to have any former work experience. An MSc will look at the theory of management and use case studies to illustrate the business theory.

An MSc enables students to develop their knowledge in a specific area of business. The syllabus will focus on developing analytical and technical skills rather than leadership and managerial. Typically an MSc is taught over one year, but part-time and distance learning options are widely available.

Which degree should you choose?

It really depends on your circumstances. If you’re already an experienced business practitioner, then an MBA will consolidate your experience and can help you climb the career ladder.
If you’re just starting out or working in a non-business role, then an MSc can develop your business skills and help to open doors to new opportunities.

10 reasons to study for an MBA

Ten reasons to study for an MBA


An MBA is a highly recognised and respected qualification. However, there’s no denying that it requires a lot of hard work. The advantages to achieving an MBA far outweigh the effort though, as this week’s blog explains…

1. Acquire new skills and new perspectives

The main motive for undertaking any education is the desire to learn something new. And an MBA is no different. Although the programme is aimed at working professionals with significant business experience, there will still be lots of new things to learn. The MBA programme looks at the whole field of business and explores management, marketing, finance, HR, operations and more. An MBA teaches students the best practice in each of these areas.

2. Advance your career

An MBA qualification on your CV/résumé gives you the edge you need to separate yourself from the competition. According to the latest figures, “96% of responding employers agree that hiring business school graduates creates value for their companies and 68% agree that recruiting graduates of MBA and business master’s programs is a priority in their company’s hiring plans.”1 Earning an MBA signifies your desire to move up the career ladder and can help you secure interviews for top positions.

3. Increase your earning potential

According to a recent article in The Telegraph, business school alumni from the top 100 MBA courses (as defined by the FT’s ranking) were paid an average of $142,000 in 2016*. This is in addition to other benefits sometimes available to those in higher management such as performance bonuses, a company car and healthcare.

4. Open up global employment opportunities

The MBA is a globally-recognised qualification so you’ll open up greater opportunities to work in a country or geographical region of your choice.

5. Set yourself a new challenge

Studying an MBA isn’t always about career progression; many of our students have simply reached the pinnacle of their career and want a personal challenge or they wish to fulfil an ambition of achieving a degree. After all, the MBA is considered the most challenging management qualification.

6. Keep up with the competition

39 CEOs of the Fortune Top 100 companies hold an MBA3. In today’s job market, it’s getting harder and harder to move up without a higher-level qualification. Completing an MBA will make sure that you have the credentials required to compete.

7. Grow your professional network

MBA programmes attract talented people from different industries, from all over the world. You’ll be able to learn from your classmates, share ideas, create professional networks and make friendships that last well beyond the academic experience. You’ll also learn from your peers and gain insight into different industries.

8. Become your own boss

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, an MBA can help you reach your goals. During your studies you’ll gain the administration and leadership skills to setup your own business; this can include learning to write a business plan, plan a marketing campaign, forecast accounts and schedule production.

9. Refocus your career

In high-level managerial roles there often isn’t time to reflect on your performance. An MBA can give you time out to refocus your career and could reignite your passion for business. Or if you’re beginning to feel stuck in your current role, an MBA is a great way to explore new horizons.

10. Studying for an MBA is easier now than ever

MBA programmes come in all shapes and sizes – you can study full-time, part-time, online and by blended learning. Advancements in technology have made distance learning more interactive than ever, so if you chose to study online you’ll get still get all the benefits you’d expect to receive from a campus-based programme. And best of all, with a part-time and online MBA you don’t have to take time off from work!


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